Service to the Community

The contributions of independent colleges and universities extend beyond the bounds of their campuses. They also contribute...

...To the State:

  • ICUT institutions educate over 123,000 students at a cost to the taxpayers of only $668.42 per student. In the last biennium, the legislature appropriated more than $7,000 in General Revenue for each full-time student enrolled at a state university.
  • ICUT institutions offer a wide range of educational programs, sizes, and learning environments to the state's citizens, complementing those offered by state universities and community colleges. 
  • The strong independent sector of higher education in Texas improves public higher education by providing a source of healthy competition for students, faculty, research grants, and other fruits of academic excellence. 
  • The state's independent institutions are often first to offer programs in new fields such as space science, nanoscale science and bioinformatics, or to serve as the laboratory for testing new educational ideas and innovative programs such as the five-year BA/MA teacher preparation program, or use of the internet to support and enhance academic programs.

...To Local Communities:

  • Independent institutions spend $3.4 billion in their local communities to provide education to their students.
  • Almost 27,00 people are employed by independent institutions in Texas.
  • As independent institutions spend funds to educate Texas students, they contribute $18.5 billion annually to the Texas economy.

See our Publications page for more about our sector's service to our Texas communities.