News / Did You Know ... How Many ICUT Members are HSIs?

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Our Did You Know this week highlights updated data from Excelencia in Education, an organization that advocates for and supports Hispanic students in higher education. Each year, Excelencia uses US Department of Education data from the IPEDS system to compile lists of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (Emerging HSIs) across the country. An institution qualifies as an HSI if 25 percent or more of its enrollment is made up of Hispanic students. If an institution's enrollment is 15-24 percent Hispanic, it is classified as an Emerging HSI. 

We're proud to say that this year, 16 ICUT members qualify as Hispanic-Serving Institutions. Those schools are:

Additionally, 13 ICUT members qualify as Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions:

Taken together, 29 of ICUT's 41 member institutions have at least 15 percent Hispanic student enrollment, which speaks to the diverse nature of the students we serve. 

For more information, see Excelencia's research web page, and check out our infographic below!

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Sam Rauschenfels