E-Committee: where "E" stands for "Efficiency"

This ad-hoc committee was created in 2004 to identify ways ICUT member institutions could gain efficiencies in student service operations through shared resources. The Committee is comprised of 10 institution members (two from each of the affected disciplines: business office, enrollment management, financial aid, information technology and registrar). Representatives from ICUT function in supporting and facilitating roles on the Committee.

The Committee oversees two ongoing projects: Voluntary Peer Review and High School Counselor Training. The Peer Review provides for a team of professionals from ICUT campuses to visit an institution; review the procedures for admissions, financial aid, registrar, information technology and student accounts; and recommend ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs all at a minimal cost to the institution. High School Counselor Training consists of ICUT staff presentations to counselors to correct the myths about the affordability, accessibility, and availability of independent higher education.

Contact Lois Hollis, ICUT's Director of Member Services, with any questions.