Texas Pathways

In October 2017, we announced the ICUT Foundation (ICUTF) Transfer Portal, now called Texas Pathways: a new initiative to accelerate completion and reduce the cost of bachelor's degrees for students in Texas. Texas Pathways will use an extension of the academic sharing platform built by College Consortium to connect associate degree-earners with the most transfer-friendly degrees at private, nonprofit colleges and universities in Texas. The need for this program is clear: in the face of changing enrollment patterns and concerns about the cost of a college degree, Texas Pathways will show students the best online bachelor’s degree options for them based on cost and total time-to-degree. This unique approach to enrollment is driven by technology and will provide students pathways to one of more than 60 online bachelor’s degrees, many of which are in-demand in the workforce.

Texas Pathways features a number of unique elements:

  • Includes over 60 online degrees from ICUT member institutions, which students can complete from anywhere, at their own pace, more quickly and more affordably than existing options
  • The Portal will securely access transcript and financial aid data from a student's two-year school to package, admit and show them the real cost and time to complete their four-year degree
  • The pilot program futher discounts the Portal's competitive tuition rates through a generous scholarship from the ICUT Foundation and participating ICUT member institutions

For more information, please visit College Consortium's Transfer Portal Overview, read our press release, and watch this video demonstration of the Transfer Portal interface. 

Texas Pathways is a partnership between ICUTF, the Texas Success Center at the Texas Association of Community Colleges, and College Consortium. It is made possible by a National Venture Fund grant from the Council of Independent Colleges