Member Services

Member Services at ICUT strives to provide all ICUT members with programs and agreements that take advantage of the power of our institutions united rather than one institution alone.  Below is a list of programs, products and services currently available to ICUT member institutions.  For more detailed information please click on the title.

To help defray administrative costs, ICUT may receive a modest amount under some of the agreements listed below.

For additional information or suggestions, please contact Donna Eberhart

Director of Member Services



CARES Health Care Consortium

In 2004, ICUT initiated Collegiate Association Resource of the Southwest, Inc. (CARES), a health care consortium for ICUT member institutions.  CARES is a self-funded, nonprofit organization that offers a competitive risk pool, proactive financial management, and enhanced customer service.  It currently has 5 medical programs available to assist ICUT member institutions.

E-Committee (where E stands for Efficiency)

This ad hoc committee was created in 2004 to identify ways ICUT member institutions could gain efficiencies in student service operations through shared resources.  The Committee is comprised of 10 institution members (3 from each of the affected disciplines: business office, enrollment management, and financial aid plus 1 from IT).  Representatives from ICUT play supporting and facilitating roles for the Committee.

The Committee oversees two ongoing projects: Voluntary Peer Review and High School Counselor Training.  The Peer Review provides for a team of professionals from ICUT campuses to visit an institution; review the procedures for admissions, financial aid, and student accounts; and recommend ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs all at a minimal cost to the institution.  The High School Counselor Training consists of ICUT staff making presentations to counselors to correct the myths about the affordability, accessibility, and availability of independent higher education.

Texas Environmental Compliance Consortium


Adobe -- For purchase of Adobe products for institutions, faculty, staff & students. 

First American Education Finance (FAEF) -- A leasing and asset management agreement which provides competitive lease rates as an alternative to the expenditure of capital dollars for equipment purchases, particularly for products in areas of rapid technology development like computer labs and communication infrastructure. 

National IPA (Provista and TCPN) -- A large group purchasing organization (GPO) which offers access to almost 200 supply and equipment contracts including office equipment and supplies for educational areas, furniture for buildings and residence halls, chemicals and paper products for operations, food for dining facilities, and medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for on-campus student clinics.  Provista‚Äôs portfolio of national contracts offer low, competitive pricing, customer service and ordering systems to lower both the supply expense and processing costs. 

SchoolDude -- For Software as a Service (SaaS) technology applications to enable institutions to better manage both their facility and IT work order processes. 

Microsoft Agreements -- For purchase of Microsoft products for institutions, faculty, staff, and students